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Pc 1 Repair deals with all your computer needs. We offer computer repair services ranging from simple tune-ups and virus removal all the way to hard drive and motherboard replacement. All of our repairs are done "in house". None of that sending your computer across the country and waiting several weeks nonsense. Fast and right.

Let us work for you

We know how important your computer is to you and when it is down the effects it can have on your business and personal life. Let us work for you and get you back to what you need to be doing. Let us work so you can play.

Viruses are no match.

We will make sure your computer is virus / malware free with our diagnostic and repair service.   After testing all of the software and hardware on your computer, we will diagnose and explain any problems associated with your PC. We will follow up with an estimate for repair so you can make an informed decision regarding your computer's health.

5 Ways to Keep Your Computer Fast

1. Use Anti-Virus products There are many anti-virus services out there (a few even free) that will scan your computer for infected files, and keep you from getting infected by warning you of dangerous websites. Running a scan once a week can keep your computer running fast and problem free, with most services allowing you to set a scan schedule for scans to run automatically.

2. Disk Defragment and Clean-up Disk Clean-up and Disk Defragment are services that come free with PCs that allow you to keep your computer running fast and smooth. When using programs like web browsers temporary files are made that while useful for fast web browsing can take up space on your hard drive. Disk Cleanup goes and deletes those files and clears up space. When files get deleted they leave empty spaces on your hard drive, Disk Defragment rearranges everything to make it more organized allowing your computer to find what it is looking for faster and easier.

3. Uninstall unused programs Many times we install programs, use them for a period of time, then stop using them for one reason or another. These programs often go untouched and taking up space. Uninstalling programs will free up space on your hard drive.

4. Use Spyware and Malware protection services Spyware and Malware can slow down your computer dramatically. Your computer can become infected from downloads and unsafe websites (you know those sites saying you were the millionth visitor). Malwarebytes and Spybot: Search and Destroy are both good products to use when looking to get rid of infections from your computer.

5. Update your computer regularly Whenever your computer has an update, update it. The owners of the Operating System that your computer runs regularly are sending updates to your computer to increase security to keep you safe from harmful viruses and programs.